Holy Rood and Our Lady & St James


Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage!

You have chosen to get married in one of our two parish churches. In order to do so you must be able to fulfil certain criteria, namely:

  1. One party must be a Baptised Catholic resident within the Parish or, if not, have the express permission of your Parish Priest if living in the Diocese of Hallam (or Bishop if you are resident outside it).
  2. You must complete an application for marriage, attend a Marriage Preparation Course and be interviewed by the Parish Priest.
  3. You must not have been married, or attempted marriage, previously in any other religious or non religious ceremony. (If this is the case inform the Parish Priest immediately upon enquiry).

Preparing for your Wedding Day can be long and demanding and answers to many questions that you might have canbe found in ‘Marriage & Catholics, A Guide to Getting Married Within the Catholic Church’, produced by Catholic Care. Click here to view the guide.

What you need to do next …
  1. Contact Barnsley Registry Office (01226 773555 or barnsley.gov.uk) to  register your forthcoming marriage and acquire a Marriage Licence (two pieces of blue paper). This must be given to the Parish Priest as soon as possible.
  2. Make an appointment to see the Parish Priest to discuss your wedding ceremony and complete the relevant church paperwork. A minimum of six months is required prior to the date of your wedding to allow the paperwork to be completed.
  3. Register for a marriage preparation course in the Diocese of Hallam (contact Sue Tym on 0114 256 6407 or [email protected]). This course must be completed prior to your Wedding.
  4. Ask your Photographer to contact the Parish Priest well in advance of your Wedding.
  5. Begin thinking about Readings for your wedding (click here) and suitable hymns.


Wedding Attire

In Choosing your wedding outfits (wedding dress, suits etc.) please remember, they must be suitable to wear in Church. What may be suitable for a registry office or hotel wedding, may not be appropriate for a wedding in a Catholic Church.

Christian Marriage

Christian marriage is a sacrament. Therefore, before receiving this sacrament you ought to make a well-prepared Sacramental Confession,  asking God to forgive the past and give you the strength to move forward for your future lives together.