Holy Rood and Our Lady & St James

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Hallam

Live streaming of Masses from Our Lady & St James

With the current Covid-19 situation happening around the world we have sadly had to close both Holy Rood and Our Lady St James temporarily. During this time we have taken the decision to stream Masses from Our Lady St James via the parish website and YouTube.
From Monday 20th April Mass will be streamed at 10 am every day. The parish bulletin will provide details of intentions for the upcoming week.
To view these Masses please visit the Catholic Barnsley YouTube channel  where you can Subscribe (free) and click the Notification bell to receive an alert when a Mass starts.

Special thanks to Lee Redhead who has devoted a lot of time and resources into enabling this streaming service to be available to parishioners.

 ‘Where the Hell is God?’

In these trying times, many people are led to ask the big questions of life. Where is God in the midst of Covid-19? Seeking God, questioning God are very natural responses to times of trial and grief and they are not new questions to the Catholic Church. In this Irish Jesuit’s podcast, Fr. Richard Leonard shares his journey in asking ‘Where the Hell is God’ in the face of tragedy and he provides some solid advice on how to support others facing distress.

Watch this introduction by Fr. Sean Hall:

Mass by Phone Service

During these times when our churches are closed and masses are being streamed online, the Diocese of Middlesbrough have set up a system to allow people who do not have internet access to listen to Mass over the telephone.

If you would like to access, the telephone number to call is 01642 130120.

If you know anyone who may benefit from this service, you can download and print a poster with details.

The website www.ChurchPaper.co.uk, contains over 600 editions of many UK Catholic Diocesan newspaper, including the Hallam News, with more papers expected to follow shortly.



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